A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The year is 2250. Earth has been mistreated, abused, and ravaged by natural disasters. The only way to view Earth's beauty as it once was is in preservation centers placed in specific regions around the world. Is this what we want our future to become?

This project is a result of a unique off and on-campus cross-disciplinary collaborative experience. The eight-person college team first spent two weeks in Los Angeles, California, touring buildings, museums, parks, and sites of significance. The team then returned to spend two weeks on-campus, with the challenge of creating a project that was inspired by what they experienced and researched in California. Each team consisted of Entertainment, Interior, and Game Design students.

Team Members included: 

Emily Bronk: Layout Design, Pitch Book, Trailer

Austin Drake: Game Engine, Modeling, Trailer 

Nicholas Heintz: Game Engine, Modeling

Rachel Kaplan: Logo Design, Pitch Book

Jennifer Plank: Research, Sound Effects, S.A.L. script

Alyse Shelby: Research, Layout Design, Pitchbook

Macy Thomas: Group Lead, Modeling

Veronica Vicich: Modeling, Q.A. Coordinating


TerraVita_PC.zip 62 MB
TerraVita_Mac.zip 65 MB
TerraVita_VR.zip 62 MB

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